We offer a wide variety of HR services to ensure your company is both compliant with current laws and regulations as well as purposeful in treating your team members with fairness and respect.

  • HR policy design, review and development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Evaluation plan design
  • Employee handbook design, review and/or development
  • Compliance audits
  • Third Party Anti-Harassment Training
  • Corrective action plan design
  • Progressive discipline program development
  • Vendor research
  • Resume development and design
  • Benefits research and negotiations
  • Employee file structure
  • I-9 audits
  • Manager Training on File Documentation

Extinguishing Personnel Fires

Growing businesses are often ill-equipped to tackle the complexities of personnel management, leaving themselves exposed to time consuming resolution strategies, damage to their reputation and potentially costly litigation.

The goal of Willow Tree Consultants, LLC. is to help small business owners implement structure in the area of human resources as well as refine and improve processes and procedures already in place.

Because, the question is not if there will be a fire, but rather when will it occur.

Having policies and procedures in place to quickly eliminate smoldering employee issues is like installing smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. They will help protect your business before the fire causes irreparable damage.

With expert guidance provided by Willow Tree Consultants, small business owners can rest assured that they are prepared to put out any fires before they explode and become distractions to the business’ operations.

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